The Working Artist


Logo Development + Product Design + Web Design + Production + Photography

The Working Artist is a creative studio and art gallery based on Main Street in Belmar, NJ. They offered an open space for the local artist to rent space to display their work and held events to promote the local creators. They wanted a simple and classy logo along with an informative website and merchandise to complement their storefront.

I was also able to connect and work with few of the artist affiliated with the gallery.

The Working Artist Storefront.jpg

The Working Artist - Storefront

The Working Artist Stationaries.jpg

The Working Artist - Merchandise

The Working Artist Website

The Working Artist - Website

TWA Dewm.jpg

Artist - Dewm - Business Cards

Michael Vincent

Artist - Michael Vincent - Website

TWA MJ Resin

Artist - MJ Resin Art - Logo

TWA JMitchell.jpg

Artist - J. Mitchell - Website

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