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Web Design


Transforming online presence into impactful brand experiences, I specialize in crafting tailored web designs for a variety of industries. From e-commerce platforms seeking engaging interfaces to health and wellness brands desiring serene and intuitive websites, as well as restaurants aiming to tantalize with visually appetizing designs, and real estate agencies seeking property-focused, sophisticated layouts. Additionally, I cater to creative agencies, translating their vision into visually stunning websites, and provide legal and professional services with clean, trustworthy designs. With a keen understanding of each industry's unique needs, I aim to create websites that captivate, engage, and ultimately drive business success.



- UX/UI Design

- Mobile Responsive

- E-Commerce Integration

- Food/Service Industry

- Live Chat

- Map Location

- Age Verification

- Hosting

- Domain Names

- Content Copywriter

C. Nguyen


I created my own personal website to showcase my portfolio to attract potential clients and demonstrate my abilities. My goal was to showcase my work in a way that's visually appealing and easy to navigate both on a computer and mobile device. 


Philly Greens


This was a full-service branding strategy for Philly Greens, a Premium CBD brand. My role as a creative director ensured that all the branding elements were cohesive and visually appealing. The website is filled with products images and copyrighted educational information about the product. The integrated e-commerce functionality services as a way to sell our products online and reach a wider audience. The photography and advertisements helped showcase our products throughout the website as well as our social media platforms. The goal was to have a cohesive online presence for our brand.


J. Mitchell


A collaboration with Julian to develop a website to showcase his work to a broader audience and potentially reach new clients or collaborators. Creating custom digital assets like a signature and menu icon can help give the website a unique and personalized feel, and integrated e-commerce functionality can make it easier for potential buyers to purchase Julian's work directly from the site.


FNA Events


I collaborated with the brand FNA Events, an event company focused on hosting, DJing, photography, and videography for special events and weddings. I contributed to their layout design, venue finder/map integration, and contact form. It's always exciting to work with a team and bring your skills and ideas to the table.