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Web Design


This is a collection of various client work I have completed throughout my career as a designer.



- UX/UI Design

- Mobile Responsive

- E-Commerce Integration

- Food/Service Industry

- Live Chat

- Map Location

- Age Verification

- Hosting

- Domain Names

- Content Copywrite

C. Nguyen


I created my own professional website to showcase my portfolio to attract potential clients and demonstrate my abilities. My goal was to showcase my work in a way that's visually appealing and easy to navigate both on a computer and mobile device. 


Philly Greens


This was a full-service branding strategy for Philly Greens, a Premium CBD brand. My role as a creative director ensured that all the branding elements were cohesive and visually appealing. The website is filled with products images and copyrighted educational information about the product. The integrated e-commerce functionality services as a way to sell our products online and reach a wider audience. The photography and advertisements helped showcase our products throughout the website as well as our social media platforms. The goal was to have a cohesive online presence for our brand.


J. Mitchell


A collaboration with Julian to develop a website to showcase his work to a broader audience and potentially reach new clients or collaborators. Creating custom digital assets like a signature and menu icon can help give the website a unique and personalized feel, and integrated e-commerce functionality can make it easier for potential buyers to purchase Julian's work directly from the site.


FNA Events


I collaborated with the brand FNA Events, an event company focused on hosting, DJing, photography, and videography for special events and weddings. I contributed to their layout design, venue finder/map integration, and contact form. It's always exciting to work with a team and bring your skills and ideas to the table.